CGA's Governing Body

Frances Feeney

Chair of the Governing Body (Appointed governor)

 Appointed as Chair: September 2019


Stella Bailey (Appointed governor)

Elizabeth Conway (Appointed governor)

Frances Feeney (Appointed governor)

Sophia Milsom (Appointed governor)

Jasmine Simpson (Appointed governor)

Hassan Pesaran (Appointed governor)

Jason Hart (Parent governor)

Ismail Pirbhai (Parent governor)

Tim Rettler (Parent governor)

Ian Slaymaker (Parent governor)

Lorraine Tovey Artis (Parent governor)

Leanne Cottle (Staff governor)

Runa Khalique (Staff governor)

Naznin Sheikh (Staff governor)

Helena Burke (Co-opted governor)

Jack Howard (Co-opted governor)

Mary Meek (Co-opted governor)

Helen Levy (Associate governor)

Ashir Mir (Associate governor)

Sean de Montfort (Associate governor)

Governors diagram 2019