Clare College Cambridge

Clare College, Cambridge, is proud to hold a partnership with Clapton Girls' Academy. Students take part in a number of activities structured around the idea of Higher Education and making applications to university, as part of the College's commitment in raising student's aspirations as they look at education post-16 and -18.

Clare College-Hackney Lecture Series

Held annually, Clapton Girls' Academy is graciously hosting this year's lecture series. Featuring lectures from a range of topics as wide as the US Presidential Election, how the reproductive cycle of worms can inform research in human genetics, liberation politics in South Africa and vital nature of multilingualism in the global economy, these lectures are presented by University of Cambridge academics.

Visits to Clare College

We currently run a number of day visits for students to Clare College. The students take part in a number of activities:

Year 10

Year 10 students have two opportunities to come to Clare.

Students who have a special interest in Drama and the theatre are offered the chance to visit Clare and attend a talk on why they should consider University, and how it fits into their current education; a practical Drama workshop with current undergraduate students, followed by an opportunity to watch a play produced, acted and run entirely by students.

We also run a day focussed on Higher Education, the students are given a tour of the city centre, a discussion of why they should consider studying at University and how they can achieve it, tours of the College and the city centre and an academic session at a museum.

Year 12/13

We work with Year 12 students at Clapton Girls Academy, discussing University applications, the Russell Group, how to choose courses and Universities; as well as help with completing personal statements and interview preparation.

In addition to this, students at Clapton Girls' Academy are also invited to other programmes and events we hold in Hackney.

Interview Workshop

All students applying for Oxford and Cambridge Universities in Hackney are invited to a workshop arranged by Clare College, where students are introduced to interviews, the format explained and have the chance to run through some sample questions with an Admissions Tutor and current undergraduates to help the students practice for a successful interview.


Run with students from a number of Hackney schools, Year 10 students are invited to the College for an overnight stay, where they experience a number of activities around student life, including sample lectures and meeting a number of current undergraduates.