Clapton Girls' Academy has built a reputation for business/education links and we are especially proud of our well-developed Learn for Work programme in partnership with Linklaters, a leading law firm in the City. Learn for Work aims to raise the aspirations and achievement of our students, and every student has the opportunity to participate in a range of programmes throughout their time here, as well as visit the Linklaters offices and work with professionals who share their experiences and expertise with them.

Mentoring Works:

Each year students in Years 10 and 12 are matched to volunteer business mentors from Linklaters both on a one-to-one basis and in groups. The main objectives are to increase their self-confidence, gain experience of the working world, improve their academic performance and raise aspirations.


Debating enriches the learning process by coaching students to engage in exciting, dynamic, practical speaking and listening activities in order for them to be confident and articulate. Debating techniques are used across the curriculum where students learn how to be critical thinkers and how to structure their thoughts.

Accelerated Reader:

Accelerated Reader programme supports Key Stage 3 students to improve attainment in reading and writing, through the use of personalised accelerated learning resources and support programmes that enhance a wide range of teaching methods providing instant, informative and accessible data, whilst as the same time engaging with students and improving their literacy.


Students at Key Stage 3 get the opportunity to read some awesome books and connect with inspirational authors every year during the Pop-Up festival. These activities increase pupil enjoyment of reading & writing as well as introducing pupils to diverse role models.

Duke of Edinburgh:

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is the world's leading achievement award for young people. Students engage in a balanced programme of activities that develops the whole person - mind, body and soul, in an environment of social interaction and team working. Taking part builds confidence and develops self-esteem. Key Stage 4 students get the Bronze Award and Key Stage 5 students get the Silver Award.


Students take part in various activities through the year. These include financial literacy days (Years 7 and 10), Custom Made project (Year 8) and work experience placements. The aim is to raise achievement and aspirations for students, develop their motivation and skills for the world of work and increase their ability to choose and achieve positive careers, life and learning goals.

A Journey through Learn for Work

At primary school, Demi takes part in the Pop Up Education Festival Hackney.

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