A Journey through Learn for Work

At primary school, Demi takes part in the Pop Up Education Festival Hackney. She learns about writing from the author of the book she has been reading in class and a Linklaters volunteer helps her to put together her own work. The following year, Demi's class receives debate coaching thanks to The Noisy Classroom. Though Demi doesn't make the team, seeing her classmates in the competition at Linklaters, helps her to realise the importance of effective communication.

Moving to Clapton, Demi is pleased to find that her teacher has just been taught to use debating in the classroom. Her love of reading and literacy levels develop further through the Pop Up Education Festival and using the Accelerated Reader programme, from which she can choose a range of books and can answer quizzes online.

Over the next year, Demi visits Linklaters head office as part of Inspire! 's employability programme and begins to get an idea of what the law and City life are really about. She hadn't considered working in the City before and had no idea that such a range of roles existed in a law firm. Demi doesn't know anyone who has been to university but seeing where it can lead inspires her to push harder. With a couple of tricky subjects to master, she works hard to earn a place with The Access Project who organise a Linklaters mentor to provide some extra one to one tutoring in a subject they themselves studied some (or many) years ago.

A couple of Demi's teachers are also benefitting by participating in a Teaching Leaders programme to help raise achievement amongst all in key subjects. Demi is also delighted to be participating in The Duke of Edinburgh's Award , building her vocational skills alongside her academic. Again, Linklaters volunteers are on hand to share common interests and enthusiasms as she progresses through the programme.

During the latter part of her time at Clapton, Demi spends a fortnight's work experience at Linklaters, building her knowledge of law and of what life is like in a City company. Some of her friends experience similar support with other firms through the Business Class partnership. With all that experience and further support from her Mentoring Works mentor, Demi applies for the Sutton Trust's Pathways to Law programme. The insight this provides gives her the final motivation to apply for university and a year later, to her family's delight, she finds herself studying at Clare College , Cambridge, with an option to take part in a Linklaters Pathfinder programme during her first summer vacation. A number of her friends are at other Russell Group universities, another has set up their own business with the help of the Prince's Trust (and Linklaters) and one has even secured an apprenticeship to the firm. For all the right reasons, there is simply no escaping the breadth and effectiveness of the support!