World Class Schools Quality Mark

world classCGA received World Class School status in 2014.

The World Class Schools Quality Mark is a new standard in education for schools who have moved beyond outstanding. Having a World Class Schools Quality Mark enables us to develop partnerships with education systems and providers outside of the UK to share knowledge, experience and expertise.

At CGA, we recognise the need to prepare young people for a world which is significantly different to that of twenty years ago. Young people need to perform in a diverse global economy which is typified by technological innovation, is highly competitive and where entrepreneurism is celebrated. As a World Class School, we equip students with knowledge, skills and confidence to thrive in a challenging international environment where those who succeed take risks and continually pursue improvement. Our students are educated to be active and effective citizens who have qualifications which give them choices, and the competences to choose well. They have developed a level of emotional and intellectual literacy which enables them to navigate a potentially bewildering plethora of opportunities and achieve success and contentment for themselves.

A World Class student

  • is highly literate scientifically, mathematically, technologically and culturally
  • consistently out-performs students from similar contexts, and is committed to continually improving their performance
  • is an excellent learner, dedicated to life- long learning
  • is a compelling candidate in their field for higher education and/or employment, being globally aware, confident and prepared for life in an international environment.

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World Class Schools essay writing competition

Each year students submit an essay into the World Class Schools essay competition. 

This year the focus of the essay was on democracy and students asked how they would improve the democratic system in this country and were given the following quote by Winston Churchill.

"Democracy is the worst form of government, except for others" 

Click the links below to read our students responses. 

Ruby Cowmeadow - Year 9

Nidal Abbani - Year 10

Lauryn Foster - Year 10