Admission Arrangements

Consideration of Applications

Clapton Girls' Academy participates in the coordinated admissions procedure, provided and administered by the Hackney Learning Trust, for all schools and academies in Hackney.

The Hackney Learning Trust coordinates the application process on behalf of Clapton Girls' Academy according to the scheme which they publish in their annual Admissions Booklet which is in accordance with Government legislation.

To find out more about the admissions process, please visit the Hackney Learning Trust website here. 

or contact:

Hackney Learning Trust
Technology & Learning Centre (TLC)
1 Reading Lane
London E8 1GQ

Tel: 020 8820 7000 
Fax: 020 8820 7001 


Admissions Policy 2019-20

Admissions Policy 2020-2021

Admissions Policy 2021-2022

Admission Numbers

The Published Admission Number for Clapton Girls' Academy is 180 for Year 7. The PAN is using the results of the annual Net Capacity Assessment (NCA) review, suitability document, impact on the community and neighbouring schools, impact on resources and quality of learning. Once determined, pupils should not be admitted above the PAN unless exceptional circumstances apply.

Procedures for Over-Subscription

Where all parental preferences for places at the academy can be satisfied all children seeking a place will be admitted. Where the number of applicants for admission is greater than the published admission number, applications will be considered within each band against the criteria set out in the Admissions Policy Section 4.

Operation of Waiting Lists

If we receive more applications than there are places available we will operate a waiting list. Any parent can ask for their child's name to be added to the waiting list if their application is unsuccessful.

Arrangements for Admission to Post-16 Provision

Applications for a place at Clapton Girls' Academy Sixth Form are welcomed from students and/or their parents. Applicants must complete the Clapton Girls' Academy Sixth Form online application form and submit this by the deadline date published in the Sixth Form prospectus. All applicants will be offered an admissions meeting to discuss course options available at the academy. Clapton Girls' Academy entry requirements are published in the Sixth Form prospectus which is published annually.