For over 100 years the young women of Hackney have had the opportunity to achieve academic success through attending the school now known as Clapton Girls' Academy.

In the early 1820's Hackney School, which resided on the present Clapton Girls' Academy site, was demolished and replaced by the London Orphan Asylum in 1826.

Throughout the school's history names and buildings have changed but the school's aim has always been the same:

To provide a safe environment which will help local girls become well-educated, strong, confident and tolerant women.

The school now known as Clapton Girls' Academy has existed without a break since 1906.

The following information provides a brief history of Clapton Girls' Academy and the Portico (one of the buildings on site and originally the London Orphan Asylum).


School History

Discover more about the Academy's history, from 1906 to the present day in this section.

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Portico History

The Clapton Portico occupies a site with a rich history stretching back to the 16th Century. A girls' boarding school, built in the 1630s and run by Mrs Elizabeth Salmon was the first building to occupy the site.

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