Student Voice

Student Leadership and Voice

In addition to whole school Student Voice initiatives, a large number of our students actively participate in a range of Student Voice and Leadership programmes. As a result, these students are able to develop their critical thinking, team building and leadership skills and also develop their confidence in public speaking. Central to all of these initiatives is our belief in their power to develop our students' social, moral and cultural knowledge and understanding and also their impact in developing essential leadership skills, such as: collaboration, using initiative, experiencing responsibility and accountability, management, problem solving, independent enquiry and negotiation. At Clapton Girls' Academy, we recognise and celebrate the importance of student voice and leadership. We believe that listening to students, and developing them as leaders, is at the heart of enabling our students to achieve to their full potential. All students are actively encouraged to share their ideas to inform school policy and practice, whether this be through Student Voice activities, PSHCE and student surveys.

Student Leadership/Voice Opportunities:

Prefects in Year 11 and Year 13; Head and Deputy Head girls; Student Librarians; Sports Leaders and Ambassadors; Debate Leaders; Digital Leaders; Peer mentors; Years 7 and 8 Ambassadors and Music Leaders.


Prefects are chosen through a rigorous application process open to Year 10 , Year 11 and Year 13 students. Once appointed, prefects are expected to act as positive role models for younger students and their responsibilities include: helping at academy events and parents evenings; welcoming visitors and leading tours of the academy; acting as a buddy for identified Year 7 students; performing specific duties in and around the academy and representing the academy at local and national events.

Head and Deputy Head girls

Students in Year 13 are invited to apply for the positions of Head or Deputy Head Girl. Applicants will need to be able to demonstrate outstanding commitment to their learning and school life. The Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl are then elected by their peers from a shortlist collated by staff. Once elected, these students take on additional responsibilities within school and become ambassadors for the school, on a local and national level.